Rear Swing

This mechanism is unique to this camera. To achieve focus and swing, 3 knobs are used:  The swing release and center lock knobs, shown below, tighten in a clockwise direction. When either tightening or loosening the swing release knob, the focus knob must be held stationary. With the swing release knob tight, both sides of the camera will move in unison as long as the lock knob is loose. When the swing release is loose, both sides are free to move independently, as long as the lock knob is loose. The swing release knob must be tight for the lock knob to hold both sides stationary. When closing the camera be sure to release the swing release knob.

There are many ways to use the swing/focus mechanism. The fastest way to get left-to-right focus is to loosen both knobs and holding the slider plates in each hand, simply push and pull the sliders until an approximate focus is achieved. Tighten the swing release knob and see how close you were. You can fine-tune by tightening the swing lock, and using the focus knob focus the left side. Release the swing release knob, being careful that the slider doesn't slip, and pinch the left slider against the side of the camera. Focus the right side. Re-tighten the swing release knob and check side to side focus. Repeat if necessary. If the camera is pointed up or down at a steep angle, you will need to put some drag on the center lock to keep the whole rear standard from sliding, due to gravity.

If you try to focus with the swing release, it might loosen. Refer to the next panel for alignment instructions.

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