The Wehman Field Camera
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The Wehman Field Camera is no longer in production and no new cameras are available. However, repair, accessories and lens boards are still supported. Call 815 978 2159 or email


1. Reducing backs:  With the easy availability of backs of all sizes on eBay, we have not tooled up to make these from provide the back and we will adapt it to a blank 8x10 back. The flat fee for this is $100.00. This has proven to be an excellent solution, since some very high-end backs such as Linhof and Sinar are fairly easy to find. When searching for backs use "4x5 or 5x7 back." as your search criteria. Don't search on reducing back.  
2. Lens board adapters:  The Wehman boards are 5 1/4" sq. If your boards are small enough to simply fit onto a Wehman board the price is $75.00 - using your board (if I supply the base board - $100.00).  To adapt to a larger board, where the base must be made of thicker stock - $150.00.  Sinar adapters are $200.00  
3. If you plan to use a "Really Right Stuff" quick release plate, an extra mounting hole will be drilled and tapped at no cost. 

1. Do you ship internationally?     Yes, however payment must be made by PayPal. 
2. What is the shortest W.A. that the camera will accommodate?    The 110 Schneider XL.  It, along with most of the 120 SW type lenses will cover when stopped down, and their field of view will not interfere with the camera body in it's normal squared up position. 
3. Does the flexibility of the Plexi GG cause focus errors?  No, none whatsoever. 
4. What tripod do you recommend?   Tripod selection is perhaps the most subjective of all equipment issues. What is steady to one person is wobbly to another. What is light weight to one is an insufferable burden to another.  You need to start with how your camera is to be used and work from there.  If you are 6' 5" and like to shoot from high angles, you are going to need a sturdier rig than someone who is 5'2" and shoots surf details. The one constant in all this is the height of the tripod head: The greater the distance between the base of the camera and the top of the legs, the shakier the setup. This also applies to "center post" tripods.  My general rule is that the weight of the camera should be roughly equal to the weight of the tripod. If your pockets are deep, however, don't worry about any of the above and just get a big carbon fiber job and don't look back. I use a light weight camera along with a Feisol CT-3342 with the center post removed. 
5. What lenses do you recommend?  For WA applications, the 110 XL - if you can afford it - and the 120 SW Nikkor. For medium WA - hands down - the 240 Fujinon A - an absolute gem to work with in the field, and can double as an enlarger lens. For medium to long, go with Tessar designs:  the Nikkor M series and the Fujinon C series. 
6. What film holders do you recommend?  Lisco Regal II. or any holder with a plenum made from a solid plate. The film plane accuracy of wooden holders is a significant issue.

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